What are the best male masturbation techniques?

A question for the ages.  How do men take our masturbation to the next level?  In this article, we will talk about a few of our favorite ways to masturbate and some tips to enhance your next jerk-off session.  Including the new wave of sex toys for men from automatic blowjob machines to kick ass men’s vibrators!


The Classic, Masturbating Using Your Hand


You know it, you love it, and you have probably been doing it since puberty.  Masturbating just using your hand is most certainly the man young men have first brought themselves to climax.  We have been doing this method since the dawn of time, it's tested and it works.

Over time you learn the basics.  The up and down stroke of course is the most basic.  Followed by the twist back and forth around the head.  As you become more comfortable the joint movement is very satisfying for penis owners.    

Definitely don’t do it dry.  Pre-cum and saliva certainly help but for the most pleasure use lube.  We suggest Gleam, it's our water-based lubricant that will leave you wondering why you have gone without it for so long. 

When exploring lube for masturbation you’ll find there are several groups of the stuff depending on the base formula.

  • Water-based lubricant, cheaper and easy clean-up
  • Silicone-based lubricant, super slick, expensive but doesn’t come off easily
  • Oil-based lubricant, effective, not expensive but stains clothes and sheets

We like water-based lube it’s great for sensitive skin, doesn’t stain anything and washes right off sex toys making clean-up super easy and no sticky mess.

Caution, silicone-based lubricant should not be used on silicone sex toys.  It will break down the toy surface over time, its like a skin-to-skin type friction you would feel trying to rub one out dry.  And, Oil-based lubricant cannot be used with latex condoms, it will make them disintegrate while being use rendering them useless.  Not that the basics are out of the way.


Get outside your box and try a Men’s Vibrator!

Women have had sex toys for decades, even centuries in some cultures.  Men were sadly left out of the scene.  It’s so easy for men to use their hands to stroke themselves, no one ever thought to consider we just might like the added variety and sensations created.

Sex toys for men has taken a sharp rise on the market.  Soft, realistic feeling pocket pussies and Fleshlights brought the category to light first but we have gone much further now and a lot more inviting than putting a flashlight on my dick.  For a quick peek, check out La Bomba from Voila.  A grenade shaped vibrator for men.  It has that soft realistic material in army green, heavily textured with tiny fingers inside, a powerful vibrator, and grip to make you go boom!   That’s what a man’s sex toy should be.

Of course, one of the best new sex toys for men on the market doesn’t have any electronics or battery and is super cheap.  It’s simple men’s masturbator meant to give crazy good feeling whether you are stroking it up and down on your member, or twisting back and forth on the head.  Helical cross-cut ribbing on the inside sends tingles up the spine as you use Ace Stroker.  When done, rinse clean and store in the discreet tennis ball case.

Go BIG with a Automatic Masturbator!

Arguably the greatest innovation in a solo masturbation for men is a product that goes by several names, a blowjob machine, a stroker, or the automatic men’s masturbator, Auto-Solo.  If you have never tried one of these devices, clear your schedule, you are not going to want to put this thing down.  Our Auto-Solo blowjob machine simulates the sensation of oral sex by combining a powerful thrusting stroker with a changeable pocket pussy cup.

It's actually a derivative of the Thruster Prime product from Velvet.  The heavy-duty handheld base has a super powerful motor and battery for extended handheld playtime.   The stroke length is more than 3” and it can move that vagina cup up and down on your member up to 200 times per minute.  Making it the best “job” you are ever going to get!   

The fun thing is you can change those insert cups out for a variety of different sensations to try.  And you can share your Velvet Prime with your significant other use the standard tops on that base.

  1. Strokes more than 3”
  2. 6-speeds, up to 200 strokes per minute
  3. Super soft pussy insert, which you can change models
  4. Add and change accessories or tops during play if you like
  5. Stroker tops for men, Penetration tops for women


Be Adventurous, Find your “G” spot with anal sex toys

If you don't know, men have a very sensitive bundle of nerves known as the “G” spot, and the only way to properly stimulate your “G” spot is with anal penetration.  This kind of orgasm is a full-body, mind-blowing orgasm that will literally leave you shaking!  Its typically not a beginner experience.  Anyone looking to explore anal penetration or anal sex should take the safe steps to get comfortable.   A great place to start is with an anal plug and then work your way up to our anal thruster, Walter, over time.

When starting out with anal masturbation recommend using Reverb, it’s a one-of-a-kind stainless steel, vibrating anal plug.  The polished and perfectly shaped stainless steel butt plug is safe and easy to use.  It will get a lot of use in your collection and metal dildos last forever and are the easiest to clean!  Safety comes from the shape which prevents it from going too far and also provides easy reach handle so it is easy to manipulate.  Never before has there been a vibrating steel anal plug on the market, and it's a revelation in the way of men’s masturbation!


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