About Voila

Family Sex Toy Business

Voila is a playful line of sex toys from Velvet Brands, the shame-busting, family run sex toy business that's de-tabooing pleasure, one industry rocking product at a time!   We partner with sex toy critics, experts, and reviewers to develop great products for sexual wellness.


Velvet Brands offers several product lines and operates the following brand platforms:

1. theThruster.com, best Thrusting Dildo again in 2022!

2. LAcierShop.com, Stainless Steel Vibrating Dildos;

3. GleamBody.com, lube for sex toys and masturbating.

Sexual wellness is an important part of personal health and happiness.  It requires the desire to take care of yourself and those doing it best have learned communication is the key to success.

Once you learn how to identify what you like and how to speak up about getting it, you will feel empowered and confident.  


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