Lucky Ducky, Waterproof Shower Vibrator

Lucky Ducky,
Waterproof Shower Vibrator

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Waterproof Bathtub and Shower Vibrator

Lucky Ducky is your discreet bathtub or shower safe clitoral vibrator.   This duck likes to be held against the clitoris underwater in the bathtub or in the shower.   Floats on the water for fun in the tub, sits discreetly in the shower when not in use.   Powerful vibrator with 10 settings from gentle to intense.

Voted Best Bachelorette Party Gifts because it doesn't suck, it Vibrates!

With this ultra-cute bathroom companion, there is no need to try to hide this vibrator away in a drawer.  Instead lets this cute duck sit out in the open and accent your bathroom, no one will ever be the wiser!

This Duck makes the perfect adult gift!  Gift it as a wedding gift, maybe a cut valentines day present or even a housewarming gift.  

Feature Packed Sex Toy

Not only is the duck super cute, it's also a feature-packed sex toy that is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation.  This vibrator features 10 different intensity settings, ranging from a slight tingle to intense.  This duck is not just water resistant, it's waterproof, it can be totally submerged without damaging the electronics.  Speaking of electronics, did we mention that this cute vibrator also has built-in rechargeable batteries with a USB magnetic charging port? Give Ducky today!


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