Boutique Voila Sex Toys are on Amazon, finally!

The sex toy industry has been undergoing an incredibly electrifying evolution over the recent years with unique new items for men and women which can recently be found on Amazon.  

Need to see the SALE NOW.  Our store with uniquely designed sex toys is finally approved. Direct to consumer from our boutique Brooklyn sex toy manufacturing lab to you...with Amazon.

Gone are the dark days when sex toys were considered taboo or kept hushed in discreet corners of shops. Today, the industry proudly offers a vast spectrum of artfully designed and technologically advanced sex toys, and some of the leading brands are starting to make waves where millions shop every day: Amazon.

Brands like Boutique Viola and Velvet Thruster not only excel in creating products that deliver unparalleled satisfaction, but they've also mastered the delicate art of discreet design-it's a win-win for those seeking high-quality vibrators and sex toys that are both aesthetically pleasing and excel at getting you or your partner off.

With these industry leaders now available on Amazon, there's never been a better time to explore and discover what excites you, elevating pleasure to heights never reached before. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or someone new to the world of sex toys for teens, young adults, and people of all ages-join us as we unveil the best sex toys available on Amazon right now.


The Top Sex Toys for Men on Amazon

The age-old saying, "Men are simple creatures," is gradually being debunked, especially when it comes to intimate pleasure.

Today, the market offers a myriad of products tailored to cater to the diverse and evolving desires of men. Amazon, ever at the forefront of consumer needs, has not disappointed in curating a range of sex toys that redefine the male sexual experience.

To help simplify your search bit, here are some of the biggest standouts available on Amazon Right Now:

1. Solo, silicone masturbation sleeve
Redefining the world of ergonomic strokers, Solo isn't just another product; it's a self-pleasure experience. Layered with soft silicone ribs for your stimulation with each stroke and a powerful vibrator, it promises to deliver a sensation that is both familiar, yet profoundly different at once. Easy to clean and discreetly designed, it's a must-have for every modern man who's looking for heightened sexual sensations to a healthy men's pleasure routine.

2. Grenade Sex Toy, most amazing stroker and vibrator for males
The name might sound explosive, and rightly so! "La Bomba" is not your typical masturbation sleeve; it combines ultra-soft material with 100s of fingers inside, and a grip allows you to control the vibrator pressure with a squeeze delivering instant ecstasy for men! So, whether this is your first toy ever or something you want your partner to use on you, the Grenade ensures an explosion of sensual sensations that's too hard to resist.


3. Anal thrusting dildo, Walter by Velvet 
Males that seek pleasure prostate stimulated orgasms will be completely satisfied! This is not better or stronger sex toy product than this anal thrusting machine by Velvet Thruster. This product is highly regarded for anal play, recommend using with suction cup accessory. And to make it great value, pick up a top for her pleasure. The Velvet Thruster prime series Walter has changeable heads so when you want a realistic thrusting dildo for her just swap tops. See our guide on Instagram for changing tops. A great sex toy for couples.

The male sex toy industry is booming with innovation and quality! Ensuring every man finds what suits his tastes and desires, with all Amazon items offering special deals for sex toys from each of our brands. It's time to embrace the future of intimacy and pleasure today.

Top Selling Sex Toys for Women on Amazon from Boutique Voila

The era of whispered discussions and furtive glances when it comes to women's pleasure is rapidly fading away. Now, today's empowered woman demands not just satisfaction but also the freedom to explore her desires on her own terms.

The sex toy industry has carefully taken note, crafting exquisite devices that offer unparalleled sensations, with Amazon being one of the go-to destinations to visit when you're searching for these treasures.

If you're looking for something to help you reach levels of pleasure you've only dreamt of, check out some of Amazon's top-rated women-centric sex toys:

1. Lucky Ducky, Discreet Women Clitoral Stimulator for Bathtub
Women are often sharing their bathroom with others and this discreet sex toy is made for them! A super discreet Rubber ducky sex toy for bathtub or shower. Leave it anywhere in the bathroom and its adorable design looks perfectly natural in any bathroom. It's actually a super powerful clit stimulator for one special person. Fully waterproof for underwater use, or shower self-pleasure., easy to clean and stores just about anywhere discreetly.

2. Capo, the only vibrating metal dildo in the world from L'acier
If you are a fan of powerful g-spot orgasms this one is a must have. If you have ever used a metal dildo you know there is unique feeling with the heavy weight of stainless-steel dildo that very strong. And the easy reach handle makes it possible to actually manipulate comfortably without arm fatigue. Capo is known for multiple orgasms and squirting; you are warned.

3. Thrusting machine for women, Teddy TX Mini thruster
Velvet Thruster is known for the original thrusting dildo and this entry level sex toy product for women is a great value. This handheld realistic thruster imitates realistic thrusting for those that enjoy penetration. This mini thruster automatically strokes up and down with a movement of more than 2" inches and speeds up to 130 strokes per minute. Let the powerful torque do the work you enjoy ensuring deep, intense sensations. Perfectly portable and ergonomic, it's the ultimate fusion of enjoyable penetration and unmatched functionality. The only thrusting vibrator strong enough for anal play.

In a world where women's pleasure is celebrated and cherished, there's no better time to explore, experiment, and elevate your toy collection. Amazon's diverse selection of toys, from realistic thrusters to clit suction devices, ensures that every woman finds her perfect match, promising long nights of ecstasy and many mornings of contentment.


Save Big! Sex Toys on Sale in Amazon Store This Labor Day Weekend

As the summer draws to a close and Labor Day weekend approaches, there's more than just barbecues and beach trips on the horizon.

For those who've had their eyes on the latest and greatest sex toys, this might just be the perfect time to indulge. Why? Because this Labor Day, the best devices on the market aren't only well within reach-but are also delightfully discounted!

From September 1st to 8th, shoppers can dive into a world of intimate discovery without breaking the bank. That's right! A full week of jaw-dropping deals awaits, allowing everyone to save up to 40% off their favorite sex toys and accessories!

Check out the sales items HERE.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned collector looking to add another gem to your treasure trove or a curious first-timer ready to embark on a new adventure-these savings promise to make the experience even sweeter.

From classic vibes and thrusters to the more avant-garde suction devices and discreet designs, there's something for everyone. Shop around and explore all kinds of brands, unique functionalities, and an array of aesthetics to help you find your perfect match.

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