Sammie, el mejor juguete sexual Thruster

el mejor juguete sexual Thruster

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Meet Velvet thruster Prime Series Handheld Thrusting Dildo with Sammie Silicone Dildo TOP!  Velvet Prime allows users to change tops, the dildo which function with our prime motor handle unit. Accessories are also available to make for easy use, including a suction, partner play handle or long reach handle for easy solo self-pleasure.  This pre-configured unit come with our larger girth Sammie realistic large silicone dildo and charger.  
  • NO-STALL THRUSTING DILDO, Super-powerful 12v battery and no-stall motor, 6 speeds up to 140 strokes per minute. This is ultimate handheld and rechargeable adult sex toy. Powerful as a sex machine, with large motor and large battery for hours of play.
  • LONG STROKE LENGTH, more than 3" stroke movement, 7" Insert length, Large Girth and Realistic Shape. Check our library of sex toy dildo tops which fit this thrusting dildo base. We have all sizes and shapes with different body-safe silicones for a variety of play options.
  • CHANGE TOPS AT ANYTIME, Velvet thruster prime tops and accessories can be changed or added any time with modular design- check our library of tops at velvet thruster and choose from easy-use sex toy accessories which fit the velvet thruster prime base model.
  • MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE, all tops vary in length, shape and stiffness so that you may enjoy variety with this powerful adult sex toy for women and men. Many ultra-soft silicone dildo tops for our thrusting dildo base can flex even when thrusting to target the perfect spot.
  • HANDHELD SEX MACHINE, rechargeable with long lasting battery for playtime 8+hrs, 1360+hrs standby time
  • NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY, you are buying direct from boutique Brooklyn, NY manufacturer and we will support you with our 5-star service - reach us for any needs.

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