Sex Toy Care

Sex Toy Care 

Sex toy care is up to the individual but we'd love to encourage some good practice with some simple common guidelines.

  1. Wash your sex toy after each use.   Generally, that should mean, use your hands and warm soapy water to clean it up to thoroughly or at least 20 seconds.  Then pat down with a lint free dry wipe or air dry. 
  2. Store in a dry and temperate place to extend the life of product and prevent the premature degradation of materials.  

Many of our Voila products are handsome and can be proudly displayed on a bookshelf or bathroom counter.  If you choose to leave your adult sex toy product out for fun, make sure you wash it before use as well!

Quality Sex toys and ISO 3533

Products are manufactured with a quality management system for continuous improvement.   Although design and engineering are done in the US, many components or products are received from vendors in quantity shipments.  All inventory is sampled for quality inspection.