Men's Sex Toys

Male vibrators, strokers and anal thrusters you can't find anywhere else!

Grenade, Vibrating Stroker

$36.99 $43.99

Walter, Thrusting Anal Dildo

$235.00 $255.00

Ace Stroker, Masturbation Sleeve

$12.99 $16.99

Reverb, Vibrating Steel Anal Plug


Solo, Silicone Vibrator for Men

$30.99 $36.99

Male Sex Machine, Auto-Solo


Slide, Metal Vibrating Wand

Sold Out

Auto Blow Job, Sucking and Vibrating

$65.99 $89.99

Automatic Male Masturbator, Constricting & Vibrating

$65.99 $89.99

Realistic Thrusting Dildo and Sex Machine


Blowjob Sucker | Handheld and Automatic Blowjob,


What Makes a Good Men's Sex Toy?

Hours of research and extensive studies have been used to truly design the best sex toys for men. The ideal sex toy, specifically stimulating the penis, depends on what sort of pleasure is desired. Men’s automatic strokers and automatic blowjob machines have grown in popularity. The best money can buy is Auto-Solo. And it works with our Velvet Thruster products, so you lady friends can share it with you. Get your here Auto-Solo. It does a masterful job using velvety soft material vagina cup and our prime base to stroke you off hard and aggressive. This is the top of line for men's sex toys! But there are many other options to start.

Many men are very used to masturbating with their dominant hand and if you want a different sensation, try something new from Voila. Maybe start with an egg masturbator like Ace Stroker, the simple velvety ball goes over the penis, then twist back and forth on the head or stroke up and down. This is a sex toy designed for men with cross threaded radial ribs on the inside that feel great! The texture adds a super enhanced sensation with each movement - a totally different dimension to your solo pleasure. And a superior edging trainer that you can clean easily, reuse and store away in the discreet and protective tennis ball case.

But maybe you are looking for penetrative stimulation, or perhaps some erogenous zone stimulation, Whatever your pleasure, Voila says play ball.

Best Men’s Dildo

For penetration there is nothing that beats the iconic action of the Thruster sex toy like Walter. The Velvet Thruster Prime, with more than 3" stroke length, can pump up to 130 strokes per minute, and features 6 different speeds with industrial screw in handheld sex machine. The power and flexible shaft are what set Thruster apart from the competition. This is a patented drive mechanism that we have engineered which allows our silicone dildo to bend while extended AND continue to powerfully thrust and pump. And because you can swap tops on the fly, this thrusting dildo can be easily shared with your female partner with a top of her own liking. Making this a top value for Best Men’s Dildo!

Men’s Vibrator

When choosing the best Men’s Vibrator, not only do we recommend using a rechargeable vibrator, but we also suggest using easy to clean and sanitary materials when selecting your next vibrator to stimulate your penis. Voila has you covered from Solo to Slide. Solo, in luxury silicone with heavy ribbing and powerful vibe for quick and easy solo masturbation...or slide a vibrating stainless steel sex toy that last forever! Steel sex toys are not new but never had one been combined with a vibrator, turning it into a harmonic sexual instrument for those the understand and appreciate quality sex toys.

Mens Masturbator

Looking for a cool Men’s Masturbator? Go La Bomba, a vibrator for men with a velvety soft material, hand grip and artful texture on the inside to maximize sensations!

Best Anal Sex Toys for Men

While masturbating is great, nothing competes with using an Anal Sex Toy specifically designed to massage your prostate while stroking your penis. Achieve a mind-blowing P-spot orgasm with something like Slide, a stainless-steel vibrating metal dildo. A user favorite because it can be shared between sexes and partners.

Men’s Anal Plug and Men’s Anal Vibrator

Did you know that our top pick for the best men’s anal plug and best men’s anal vibrator are one in the same. You heard right, our Reverb is a vibrating metal anal plug and it is the hot way to get to that “P” Spot Orgasm. The reverb is stainless steel, so it is very easy to keep clean for years to come, in addition to being easy to maintain it is also loaded with tech, boasting 7 different vibration patterns. Did we mention it’s also waterproof and rechargeable?


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