Stroker Ace, Egg Masturbator Men

Stroker Ace,
Egg Masturbator Men

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The Best Egg Masturbator, Stroker Ace

Penis sex toy with discreet storage case Ace Stroker.  Radial ridges texture the inside and are designed to give pleasure with either stroke downward on the shaft or twisting back and forth on the head, or tip of the dick.

Penis Sex Toys!

Ace will accommodate nearly any size cock.   While used for stroking up and down the flexible material will stretch, as you pull down the shaft of your dick, and you can feel the radial ridges clinching your cock and giving a pulling sensation.

Use Ace as a dick topper and twist it back and forth on your dick head and directly feel that radial texture deliver sensations that are orgasmic.  A great way to practice your edging and ejaculation control.  Plus it just feels good and a great way to masturbate fast with easy clean up.

How to Clean your Sex toy

Run under warm water and soap for about 20 seconds and then air dry for a quick clean-up. Tuck away inside the discreet case for next use.   We also recommend using our product Glisten prior to storing your sex toy to keep them as hygienic and in the best shape possible 


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