Reverb, Vibrating Steel Anal Plug

Vibrating Steel Anal Plug

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Best Stainless-Steel Anal Vibrator

Anal plugs are unique and incredibly stimulating. Reverb from Lacier is the all-around favorite for those that have explored anal-focused toys to advance their pleasure. This kit includes:

  1. Polished 316 stainless steel sex toy
  2. Easy reach handle and finger ring
  3. 10-settings vibrator
  4. Waterproof USB magnetic charger

A Metal Vibrating Anal Plug

Our design includes a space for a powerful bullet vibrator, thus providing 10 different vibration settings. This is controlled by an easy one-touch button. You also have the ability to attach a handle or retention device for easier use.  Included in your sex toy bundle is a magnetic USB charger.  Fully shower and bathtub safe.

Quality Anal Plug

Have you heard about the new sex toy quality standard?  It’s called ISO 3533.  One of the most urgent topics of the standard is around anal-play, and accidents that can happen.  Anal-sex-toys must have a safe way to prevent them from being lost in the anal cavity.  A properly designed stainless-steel-dildo, like Reverb, is the perfect safe device.

Safe Sex Toys.

As we move to comply with ISO3533 and organize our organization processes in advance of quality audit, we have added direct product user information that describes the safe use of sex toys for our specific product above and warns about known product misuse.

Reverb is a metal anal plug that is intended as an anal plug and will come in direct contact with the skin.  Use lube to reduce friction and skin irritation.  This product should be cleaned with warm soap and water after each use.

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