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At Boutique Voila, we’re all about making great sex toys that are fun to play with and own! Real sex toys for fun people. Our mission is to smash down the taboos surrounding sex toys and self-pleasure. We want to empower folks to embrace and explore their desires, no judgment allowed!

Read our blogs and enjoy how to use sex toys as a couple to extend your play for hours, not just dildos, try a male masturbator the experience and fun either together or solo will leave you wondering why you didn't explore sooner.

Sex toys are better than ever today and make great gifts for yourself or friends. Our goal is to create a welcoming, open-minded space where people can learn, grow, and have a blast discovering themselves with sex toys that sometimes don't look like sex toys. Whether you’re a toy newbie or a seasoned collector, Boutique Voila has everything you need for some playful fun! 

Velvet Brands offers several product lines and operates the following brand platforms:

  • 1. Thruster, best Thrusting Dildo again in 2022!
  • 2. L'Acier, Stainless Steel Vibrating Dildos
  • 3. Gleam Body, Lube for sex toys


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