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Go nuts with that donut! Adult sex toys for couples and solo p-spot play.

Reverb, Vibrating Steel Anal Plug


Walter, Thrusting Anal Dildo

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Slide, Metal Vibrating Wand

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l find The Best Anal Sex Toy For You!

Are you on the market for a bit of backdoor pleasure? We have exactly what your need, we now feature high quality anal plugs, anal dildos, and even anal vibrators. All of our sex toys are built with the highest quality materials to deliver a truely premium sexual experience.

Types of Anal Sex Toys

We offer anal toys to satisfy all couples, as well as those who want to introduce anal play to their solo sex. Whether you’re looking for an anal plug, a vibrator for prostate stimulation, or a dildo specifically for anal , we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Anal Dildo

When looking for the perfect anal dildo look no further than our hardcore powerhouse and from the premium Velvet Prime Collection. Meet Walter, an intense handheld anal sex-machine. Some of the most intense sexual sensations can come from play with anal sex toys. If you enjoy butt plugs and anal vibrators, Walter will take your stimulation to the next level as a thrusting anal dildo that satisfies like no other handheld machine.

Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators are something every one can enjoy regardless of gender. Our ergonomic stainless steel vibrator the Slide is a clear winner when looking for the perfect backdoor companion. A long ergonomic handle makes it easy to reach those hard to get places and this stainless steel vibrator is feature packed. The Slide has 3 power settings and 7 unique vibration settings to satisfy any intensity you are looking for.

Anal Plugs

Anal plugs are a unique and super stimulating sensation. Having your anus full while either being penetrated or while ejaculating is a mesmerizing experience. Typically, it takes a lot of self exploration to get comfortable with anal plugs. Reverb from L'Acier is the all around favorite for those that have done the work to advance their pleasure.

The Reverb is not just your typical Anal Plug, in fact its the first of its kind to incorporate a vibration feature into a stainless steel anal plug featuring 3 speed settings and 7 unique vibration settings.


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