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Capo, Metal Dildo with Vibrator


Lipstick, Discreet Travel Vibrator

$32.99 $40.99

Puissante, Coco, Suction Vibrator

$99.00 $125.00

Thrusting Dildo, Teddy XL

$169.98 $188.00

Mighty Hammer Fantasy Vibrator and Dildo

$49.99 $59.99

Smartee, Easy-use Vibrator and Dildo

$49.99 $54.99

Puissante, Toupie, Top Vibrator

$59.99 $89.99

Bluetooth Thrusting Vibrating Dildo by Lovense


Slide, Metal Vibrating Wand

Sold Out

Energy Ball, Cosplay Vibrating Massager

$36.99 $43.99

Walter, Thrusting Anal Dildo

$235.00 $255.00

Ice Cream Vibrator, Sweet Treat


Lucky Ducky, Waterproof Vibrator

$35.99 $42.99

Puissante, Mini Coco, Suction Vibrator

$89.99 $99.99

Reverb, Vibrating Steel Anal Plug


Women's Discreet Vibrating Bullet

$14.99 $19.99

Women's Silicone Vibrating Bullet

$18.99 $24.99

Little Goo | Clitoral Stimulator | Dinosaur Sex Toy


What Makes a Good Sex Toy For Women?

Are you looking for the highest quality sex toys that are designed specifically for the intimate needs of women? Voila has options, and all the perfect sex toys for women you could possibly want! We manufacture products for all sexual preferences and different body shapes. Including dildos, vibrators, sex machines, discreet sex toys, and so much more!

Finding the Best Women’s Dildo

Recently, advancements in sex tech have made getting off even easier with thrusting dildos. This top award wining 2021 thruster sex toy helps alleviate tired arms and does the work for you, Teddy XL.

Teddy has a stroke length of 2.5" and can pump up to 130 strokes per minute with 6 different speeds that range from mild to wild. The patented drive mechanism allows this soft silicone dildo to bend while extended AND continue to have powerful thrust and pump while flexed. This flexibility makes it easy to manipulate and find your perfect orgasmic rhythm. For those with short arms or bigger bellies, consider a Thruster Prime with a long reach handle, playtime should always be so easy.

Looking for The Best Women’s Vibrator?

Well the world is your oyster because there are so many choices these days but Voila has changed the game by making clitoral vibrators that are show pieces. Consider glow-in-the-dark Alien vibrator Bob. This amazing vibrator for clitoral stimulation, with 10 settings, doesn't he have to hide in your panty drawer. His cute ass belongs on your night stand.

We don't want to assume, but please say you have a clitoral suction vibrator? Every woman should have one! They are often called them vibrators but they are actually air pulse suction sex toys. That little burst of air on the inside creates a suction that will get you to orgasm with your clit fast. Try La Rosa, one of our fully waterproof sex toys, that are tub and shower friendly.

When it comes to choosing the the best value for a women's vibrator, metal dildos are the amazing! They last forever, are easy to clean and the weighted steel dildo provides an orgasmic full feeling. The weight and shape of Capo make this a multiple orgasm favorite and contender for best dildo and vibrator for women. Capo metal dildo bundle includes, long reach handle, 10 vibration settings, USB charger and is fully waterproof.

Women’s Masturbator for Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy and masturbation is natural and encouraged while pregnant. For many people, it creates pleasure and relief. We are proud to introduce Smartee, our first vibrator specifically designed for masturbation while pregnant. Featuring an ergonomic handle for easy use and designed with medical-grade materials, this flexible 7” shaft is the best dildo for pregnant women.


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