Rose Sex Toy, Best Suction Vibrators

Rose Sex Toy,
Best Suction Vibrators

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The Rose Suction Sex Toy is a Great Value

Everyone should have a Suction Sex Toy in their collection.

Enjoy the elegantly designed Rose Sex Toy, and keep it as a useful bedside novelty with real orgasmic purpose.  Made with body-safe silicone and includes a magnetic USB charger cable.  The rose suction is revolutionizing suction vibrators and taking clitoral stimulation to the next level.

How does the Rose Suction Vibrator Work?

Unlike a vibrator or silicone dildo, our Rose Sex Toy creates suction with 10 powerful settings.  The suction is applied directly to the clit and it makes for pretty fast orgasms with most users.  Clitoral stimulation is a powerful standalone orgasm or can be paired with a penetrative sex toy to get both a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm... the best of both worlds.

Perfect Sex Toy for Travel

This beautiful Rose suction vibrator is traveling safe and TSA-friendly.  Remember to engage the power lock function intended to prevent accidental turn-on when going thru security at the airport.  Being that the Rose is a clitoral suction sex toy, it does not have the same appearance as say a traditional dildo, so it is likely to draw fewer prying eyes when going through security.



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