Energy Ball, Cosplay Massager Ball

Energy Ball,
Cosplay Massager Ball

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Dual Density 

Introducing Energy Massager Ball by Voila, a versatile and discreet massager with multiple uses for your body.  There are 2 different silicone sides, red and white, and each has a unique feel that may be applied to different areas of the body. 

  1. The white side has a very soft and squishy feel, allowing it to spread over a large area when you apply light pressure with your hand.   
  2. The red side is firm and best for applying focused pressure to a specific area.

Vibrating Massager Ball

Together, Energy Ball, is designed to give you pleasure and relief with these great features:

  • Dual density silicone ball
  • Powerful 10 setting massager, mild to intense
  • Easy to use 1-button control
  • Blue LED illuminates when in use
  • Bath & shower waterproof
  • Rechargeable, USB quick charge cable included
  • Phthalate & latex free
  • Made from body-safe silicone
  • 3year warranty

Cosplay Sex Toy

Cosplay is literally costume play, and can be enjoyed by anyone!  It is OK to get joy immersing yourself in an activity where you can enjoy characters and costumes among other fans and friends, called cosplayers.   In addition to costumes, role players adorn themselves with accessories that support them.  If your theme is anything Anime, Voila's Energy Ball is just for you.   Real sex toys for fun adults.  We prefer our sex toys do not have to hide in drawer, cosplay them anywhere.

Safe Sex Toys.

As we move to comply with ISO3533 and organize our organization processes in advance of quality audit, we have added direct product user information that describes the safe use of sex toys for our specific product above and warns about known product misuse.

Energy Ball is massaging vibrator and is intended to come in direct contact with the skin.  Use lube, as needed, to reduce friction or skin irritation that may occur.  This product should be cleaned with warm soap and water after each use.  This is not intended as an anal toy.


Dual Density, Cosplay Massage Ball or Sex Toy?

The round massage ball is excellent at delivering  pleasure and great to keep at your work desk for quick relief, whether rolling along muscles, vulva, or a feet!  For yourself, or given a a gift to a close friend.  You'll be thanked shortly soon after.

Powerful vibrator for every body part

This compact dual density vibrator packs a punch with 3 powerful motor speeds from mild to intense, and 7 vibration patterns to dissolve muscle tension or tickle the arch of your foot, or apply to the vulva as a cosplay sex toy.  Included is a USB cable which will use magnetic charger  to keep your Energy Ball ready to use at anytime.

Waterproof Vibrator

Your dual density silicone vibrator is fully waterproof and submersible and OK to use in tub and shower.  Easily use your massager ball to rub one out while in the bathtub, soothe pinched muscles directly with pressure in the shower or roll your energy ball under foot while working.

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