Auto Blow Job, Sucking and Vibrating

Auto Blow Job,
Sucking and Vibrating

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Men's auto masturbator

This machine simulates the sensation of oral sex by combining a textured interior, suction, vibration, and heat settings.

  1. Enjoy 7 super strong auto blow sucking settings
  2. Plus 10 vibration settings
  3. And heat ON button
  4. Super soft material with textured tunnel for pleasure
  5. Full waterproof
  6. USB magnetic charger

Best Blowjob Machines

It is hard to compete with a good blowjob but this economical men's sex machine will certainly provide a fun and valuable alternative to solo masturbation.  This rechargeable product comes with a USB magnetic charger and is fully waterproof.  Bring it in the shower for a quick blow go.  Easily pull out the velvety soft vagina insert, wash, and rinse it with soap and let air dry for the next use.

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