Slide, Metal Vibrating Wand

Metal Vibrating Wand

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Unisex Stainless-Steel Dildo 

Stainless steel sex toys are not new but never had one been combined with a vibrator, turning it into a harmonic sexual instrument for those who appreciate quality sex toys.  The dildo pleasure kit includes different attachments for holding and manipulating the heavy metal dildo easily, while enjoying the weighted full feeling.

  1. Long reach handle and finger ring
  2. Polished 316 stainless steel
  3. 10-settings vibrator
  4. Waterproof USB magnetic charger

Yes, a Metal Vibrator

This unisex vibrating dildo which is made from polished 316 stainless-steel, has 7 vibe patterns and 3 powers to intensify the already electrifying experience with Slide.   The long reach handle makes this a versatile adult product that is easy to use both for P-spot or vaginal orgasm.  Included is a USB charging cable with magnetic contacts, all of which are fully waterproof for tub or shower.

Big Benefits of Steel Sex Toys

While known for delivering powerful orgasms with its weighted full feeling your steel wand type dildo has other major benefits.   This stainless-steel vibrator will last a lifetime and with very little care.   Use warm water and soap to clean even the dishwasher safe if you prefer. 

Safe Sex Toys.

As we move to comply with ISO3533 and organize our organization processes in advance of quality audit, we have added direct product user information that describes the safe use of sex toys for our specific product above and warns about known product misuse.

Slide is a metal dildo that and is intended for vaginal and anal insertion.  Use lube to reduce friction and skin irritation.  This product should be cleaned with warm soap and water after each use.  Use the long reach handle for anal masturbation.



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