Slide, Metal Vibrating Wand

Metal Vibrating Wand

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Best in Class, Metal-Dildo

Stainless steel sex toys are not new but never before had one been combined with a vibrator, turning it into a harmonic sexual instrument for those the understand an appreciate quality sex toys.  The bundle includes different attachments for holding and manipulating the the heavy metal dildo easily, into the right places.

Yes, a Metal-Vibrator

The vibe which can seated in the stainless-steel-dildo, has 7 vibe patterns and 3 powers to intensify the already electrifying experience of your dildo.   The single button operation makes it easy to change with the tip of a finger.   Included is a USB charging cable with magnetic contacts, all fo which is fully waterproof for tub or shower.

Big Benefits of Steel Sex Toys

While known for delivering powerful orasgasm with its weighted feeling your steel-wand-dildo has other major benefits.   This stainless steel vibrator will last a lifetime and is ultra simple to care for.   Warm water and soap to clean and dishwasher safe if you prefer. 



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