Male Sex Machine, Auto-Solo

Male Sex Machine,

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Auto Masturbator for Men

This is it, AUTO-SOLO.  A hardcore Male Sex Machine for your loving member!   This a silicone top for velvet thruster prime which accommodates different shape vaginal cups for mens masturbation.  Our first celebrity release is called "Eve" and comes with your first purchase of auto solo, male-masturbator.   

Electric Masturbator for Men

For this model only, we have added a machined steel drive screw to our patented thruster sex toy, it's an upgrade option on the build your own dildo interface at   It strokes faster that the standard velvet prime, 200 strokes per minute, and is still offers flex when using to make for easy use.

1. Reusable Inserts

 Holds our trademarked stoker inserts, and adult star modeled stroker cups - these are washable and reusable 

2. Fleshlight Compatible 

Jam your favorite fleshlight sex toy into the auto solo silicone and jack away your fleshlight as an automated stroker toy

3. Velvet Thruster Compatible 

 Slide on any of Velvet Thruster sex toy heads to share with your woman and use for vaginal play

Meet the new sensational sex toy for men.

We we have taken our powerful Velvet Thruster Prime for women and fitted it with a machined steel screw for extra strength and faster stroke speed for the ultimate automatic stroking sex toy for men.   The silicone head for the velvet prime slides on the drive mechanism which holds the soft realistic pussy insert.

This first release of the product comes with our vagina insert XY2000 and is modeled after a superstar.  Boasting sensational feeling, internal suction to produce strong ejaculations. 

Made from RBX48 super elastic and robust organic rubber material made specifically for our automated penis toys.  

Best suction experience and most realistic feeling fuck toy on the market.  Used on a penis this toy is a super strong hand job with added suction and variable speed so that it can stroke you off very fast or very slow if in the mood for edging pleasure.  

Faster than fleshlight launch at 240 strokes per minute, flexible movement, and interchangeable pocket pussies to enjoy.


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