La Bomba, Vibrating Pocket Pussy

La Bomba,
Vibrating Pocket Pussy

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Finally Real Sex Toys for Men!

Yes, a Vibrator-for-Men "The Bomb!"  A male masturbation stroker with a grip and  vibrator, designed in....your personal Grenade! Makes a great novel gift for anyone using their penis to masturbate.  Using your hand is always a great easy option but trying something different with masturbation is as enjoyable as unique sexual experiences between different partners. Voila gives you something different. 10 powerful vibration settings, hand grip for pressure, and stroking ease with inside texture to suck and tingle the shaft. Feel it to believe it. #feelit

Sometimes how things look is as important as how they work. when I pick up a fleshlight, it's just weird...yeah, giant flashlight for my dick - not cool. But I guess 12 million units of Fleshlights later they don't care. At Voila we care and craft novel sex toys that are not embarrassing when your date finds them next to your bed.  Maybe keep grabbing Lucky Ducky for next time, they are over so the party can move from bed to shower nice with an intimate sex toy for her.


La Bomba has 3 powers from mild to intense plus 7 vibration patterns that amplify the inside texture!  Powered by provided magnetic USB charger and fully waterproof for shower and bath use.


Pocketpussy is Outdated.

La Bomba is what you want and makes a great gift for any penis owner! Yeah, we crafted a badass grenade, added a vibrator for extra pleasure with each stroke, and design a grip for you to pull tight.  La Bomba has delicate fingers inside to stroke up and down your shaft and tickles your head, all while applying a powerful 10-setting bullet vibe to the side of your pleasure stick. Fully waterproof and shower friendly. 

How to Masturbate

Charge your waterproof vibrator with the magnetic USB charger included and push it into the top hole of your Grenade.  Power up and decide which hand will grip your grenade, a lube-free hand makes for easier handling.  Apply lube directly to the top of the penis and work it down the shaft, don't over-lube to avoid the mess but you need to apply more freely at first. Stroke to your rhythm or grab and ask a friend to help. Great for couples that enjoy sex and sexual play frequently, La Bomba for him, Lip Stick for her, and excellent sex toys for traveling.

Safe Sex Toys

As we move to comply with ISO3533 and organize our organization processes in advance of quality audit, we have added direct product user information that describes the safe use of sex toys for our specific product above and warns about known product misuse.

La Bomba is intended to come in direct contact with the penis and we recommend the use of lube to reduce friction or skin irritation that would occur if you use it dry. This product should be cleaned with warm soap and water after each use. It may be turned inside out for this purpose. Let it air dry in a clean area. This product is TPE material, soft and fluffy good but if you dry it in front of a sunny hot window it will dry out the material. This is in no way an anal toy, especially not the bullet vibe alone it will get lost and there is no retrieval cord, if it gets lost it requires medical removal.


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