How does the Rose Toy work?

The rose toy product comes from China and is a clitoral stimulator for women that uses air suction applied directly to the female clitoris. The sucking feeling mimics oral sex from a partner, but the sex toy is stronger and more reliable.

Like the thrusting dildos we invented, the sex tech can outperform humans significantly, we tire, ache and strain. The good news is that most users will experience clitoral orgasm pretty quickly.

Its popularity stems from its great performance and affordable price of less than $40! Social media users certainly noticed the novel design when it was introduced in 2007.

 The technology itself for the rose vibrator, as many came to call it, was not new. The air-pressure patents for sexual pleasure and self-stimulation where first patented in Germany. See the patent here: Stimulation Device

The rose and other air pressure wave sex toys, like the satisfyer, use a similar mechanism. They create suction by moving the flexible silicone back and forth. This suction is essential for their operation.

The Rose vibe seems to use the German patent and maybe be subject to litigation from the original inventors.


We have replaced the rose suction toy. Meet Little GOO, the new Dinosaur sex toy!


The rose adult toy has lost it petals, now an aged design and as far as clitoral vibrators and stimulators.

Meet Little GOO, or Suck-O-Saurus, the newest product from Boutique Voila! It has its own patent for direct clitoral stimulation delivering powerful clitoral orgasms. It wasnt easy to develop and we had the help of professional sex toy reviewer in Australia to get it right, Grace Owens.

Our dinosaur sex toy is discreet, powerful and fun, yet still inexpensive. The disarming design was intended to make sex toys approachable for all users and age groups. Read Why I gave my Teenage Daughter A Vibrator

Little GOO Product Features

We had to live up to the hype with our newest sex toys for women and deliver products that work even better than they look.

  • 6 suction settings from mild to intense, no patterns or vibration modes!
  • Discreet and fun Jurassic design for fun adults.
  • Waterproof for tub or shower fun.
  • Magnetic charging with USB.
  • Ultra-quiet suction operation.
  • We recommend water base lubricant for silicone products.
  • 1 year, no questions asked replacement warranty.
  • Brooklyn based boutique business!


Always shipped in a discreet package, retail price $34.99. Buy one now and get Ace stroker for men as a gift with purchase.

Little Goo | Clitoral Stimulator | Dinosaur Sex Toy

Little Goo | Clitoral Stimulator | Dinosaur Sex Toy


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