A New Playful Line of Sex Toys from Velvet Brands

NEW YORK, October 26, 2022 -- Innovative, sexual pleasure company Velvet Co wants to add more playfulness to your self-pleasure with a new brand of bedside novelty sex toys called Voila. From alien and hammer-shaped toys, to discrete rubber ducky and lipstick vibrators, Voila offers fun and functional products for everyone. The fun isn’t just for vaginas, Voila offers a selection of male masturbators and strokers for people with penises too. 

“We don’t want people to have to hide their sex toys anymore and we wanted to add some very affordable selections. These new vibes and strokers are designed to sit on a bookshelf or bedside table without anyone taking a second look,” said Velvet Co Executive Officer and Co-Founder Danyell Fima. “Voila’s super fun and unique designs, makes them perfect for the holiday season as gifts or stocking-stuffers.” 

Voila toys offer great value, starting at under $50, and will make for buzz-worthy gifts this holiday season. 


Twelve Voila products are now available at www.boutiquevoila.com, including:  

Bob, The Friendly Alien Vibrator

This adorable, out-of-this-world fantasy vibe also glows in the dark. He is also waterproof and fully submersible. 

La Bomba, The Explosive Stroker

This discreet stroking toy for men, offers 10 powerful vibration settings, hand grip for pressure and stroking ease and inside texture for incredible sensations. 

Lucky Ducky, A Waterproof Bathtub Vibe

This fully submersible toy is perfect for the shower or bathtub, plus he floats! 

The Mighty Hammer, a Fantasy Sex Toy

Designed for clitoral or vaginal orgasms, this dual-purpose vibrator is perfect for cosplayers. 

Lipstick, a Discreet Travel Vibe

Perfect for your pocket or purse, it will make you smile in more ways than one. Leave it on display bedside or on the bathroom counter at home or in your hotel room -- no one will know!  

“Voila is a great expansion of Velvet Brands. We want a spectrum of adult pleasure products that's inclusive for all budgets,” said Co-Founder Alex Fima. “Not only are Voila toys exceptionally functional, but they are more economical, while still maintaining quality.”

Voila is the fourth brand under the Velvet Co umbrella. Earlier this year, the company released L’acier, the first-ever line of vibrating, stainless steel dildos and Gleam, which includes personal lubricant and anti-bacterial spray. The company’s hero brand is The Thruster, an award-winning, build-your-own, self-thrusting dildo line of premium adult products -- the first to provide the power of a full-sized sex machine in a handheld rechargeable design. The Voila site will also offer Velvet Co’s suite of products for purchase. 


To purchase Voila products, visit www.boutiquevoila.com.

About Velvet Brands

After building and selling a successful aerospace manufacturing business, Velvet Brands CEO Alex Fima and COO Danyell Fima started engineering their first sexual wellness product to revolutionize the sex machine category. Together in 2018, they launched The Thruster, a powerful handheld thrusting sex toy. The Thruster’s rapid growth allowed Velvet Brands to develop new Thruster products and continue their quest for innovation in the sexual wellness category. In 2022, Velvet Brands introduced three new brands under the Velvet umbrella: Gleam (arousal balms and lubricants); Voila (a collection of novelty vibrators, suction toys and strokers) and L’acier (the first-ever line of vibrating stainless-steel toys). Learn more about Velvet Brands at @velvetthruster, @laciershop and @gleambodyco


EDITOR’S NOTE: Voila products are available on Share-A-Sale, under Velvet Co, offering 20% commission. 

Wholesale Contact 

Alex Fima


+1 760-333-6000

Press Contact 

Rachel McAllister


+1 661-917-7419

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