Gleam, Lube for Sex Toys

Lube for Sex Toys

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Water based lube for sex toys 

Gleam is water-based lubricant for sex toys and masturbation. Our sea kelp formula works well for sensitive skin and is intended to prevent irritation and discomfort from friction. 

  1. Glides easily, a little goes a long way
  2. Non-tacky to the touch
  3. Use water drops to activate the lube during play to extend the use
  4. Easily wiped clean.  

Personal Lubricant

The composition of Gleam is medium viscosity, not too thin and not too thick.  You can apply it directly to the penis, vulva, or anus as desired but we recommend first applying some to your finger tip.  Try dispensing about an amount equivalent to the size of a dime and check it on your skin.  Increase the amount, as you learn the amount for the most comfort.  

Condom and Silicone Toy Friendly

Many latex condoms and silicone sex toys will degrade quickly if you use a silicone-based lubricant with them.  Take care to use only water-based lubricant for proper condom use and to avoid degrading your favorite sex toys.

Lubricant does not prevent pregnancy

Please be mindful, Gleam does not have spermicides added and is in no way a contraceptive. 



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