Gender Fluid Sex Toys

Gender Fluid Sex Toys

Unisex toys for adults and couples.

Little Goo | Clitoral Stimulator | Dinosaur Sex Toy


Lipstick, Discreet Travel Vibrator

$32.99 $40.99

Energy Ball, Cosplay Vibrating Massager

$36.99 $43.99

Thrusting Dildo, Teddy XL

$169.98 $188.00

Mighty Hammer Fantasy Vibrator and Dildo

$49.99 $59.99

Auto Blow Job, Sucking and Vibrating

$65.99 $89.99

Lucky Ducky, Waterproof Vibrator

$35.99 $42.99

Women's Silicone Vibrating Bullet

$18.99 $24.99

Reverb, Vibrating Steel Anal Plug


Puissante, Mini Coco, Suction Vibrator

$89.99 $99.99

Walter, Thrusting Anal Dildo

$235.00 $255.00

Slide, Metal Vibrating Wand

Sold Out

Universal thruster sex toy for Strap-on Dildo


Male Sex Machine, Auto-Solo


What Makes a Sex Toy Everyone Can Enjoy?

Some toys have specific purposes such as penis stimulation or vaginal stimulation, and our gender fluid sex toys can be used for either. We also like to include anal play when proposing erogenous pleasure zones!

Unisex Dildos

Everyone can enjoy the penetrative action of a good ol’ fashion dildo… right? Well step aside dildos of the past and make room for the future! Our deluxe Teddy Thruster XL has a stroke length of 2.5" and can pump up to 130 strokes per minute. There are 6 different speeds in that range from mild to wild. The power and flexible shaft are what set Teddy apart. This is a patented drive mechanism which allows our soft silicone dildo to bend while extended AND continue to have powerful thrust and pump. This flexibility makes it easy to manipulate and find your perfect orgasmic rhythm.

Unisex Vibrators

Vibrators truly are the universal sex toy. They are able to stimulate our most sensitive regions with topical stimulation, but also able to deliver toe curling penetrative action. If you are looking for the best, might we suggest our latest innovation, a stainless steel vibrator! The Slide is a Stainless Steel Vibrator, has 7 vibe patterns and 3 powers to intensify the already electrifying experience of your dildo. The single button operation makes it easy to change with the tip of a finger. Metal dildos are very underrated! They deliver an exceptional weighted full feeling when used internally and are notoriously known for delivering multiple orgasms and squirting. And metal dildos will last forever and are exceptionally easy to clean!

Unisex Sex Toys

Your own erogenous zones are an amazing way to pleasure yourself! Check out our Energy Ball, this dual density massage ball can be used anywhere on the body! The white side is super soft so it can massage a large area of the body. The red side is firm, allowing you to put direct pressure on the body to relieve stress or orgasm. The perfect massager for shower and bath! Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless. The energy ball is waterproof and comes with a magnetic USB charger.

Everyone Needs Lube

No matter what sex toy you are planning to use, lube will make the experience more comfortable. Remember not all lubes are the same. Water-based lube should be at the top of your list! It's good for sensitive skin, very inexpensive and easy to wipe clean. Water-based lube is totally safe for use with all types of condoms and all materials of sex toys. If all that wasn't enough, it also will not stain your clothing or sheets. Our personal favorite lube is crafted specifically for sex toys and masturbation, Gleam.


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